BORGHESIA Borghesia was founded in 1982 and is considered one of the founders of Electronic Body Music!

Getting its start in 1982, Borghesia is an influential electronic rock group created in Ljubljana, Slovenia by members of the alternative theatre group “Theatre FV-112/15”. Borghesia created its aesthetics using the imagery of what was prohibited, tabooed, and repressed. Their sound is often compared to that of other groups in the period such as D.A.F., Manufacture, and Front 242, whom many cite as the chief instigators of the Electronic Body Music label used to describe such music.

The band, along with fellow Slovenian music collective Laibach, were not only at the forefront of Slovenian alternative music scene, but also on the cutting edge of the burgeoning underground dark electronic scenes.

Although, the their debut releases were relatively successful and were even re-released on vinyl some years ago, the band had their heydays during the late '80's during their PIAS (Play It Again Sam) era. With classic underground releases like 'No Hope, No Fear' (1987), 'Escorts and Models' (1988), 'Naked, Uniformed, Dead' (1988), 'Surveillance and Punishment' (1989), 'Resistance' (1989), 'Message' (1990) gained a strong following of fans.

After a period of dormancy from the mid-nineties to 2009, Borghesia began to once again create music.The result of these efforts is 'And Man Created God'. This new album is a compelling, confrontational work of art; the subject matter of this album touches on the idea that the corrupt, diseased systems of old are just replaced with more of the same. As the band says, “…In the meanwhile a bad system was replaced by a worse one. The rich have been stealing from the poor since the dawn of human race. Today these dimensions have become absurd: capital, money making money, has become a new deity. Money, this new age golden calf. Money. We’ve all ended up being good consumers. One should fight a system which does not work for the benefit of people. Therefore, the record is entitled 'And Man Created God'.