COCKSURE Cocksure is the brand new project of musical centipedes Chris Connelly (Revolting Cocks/Ministry/Pigface...) and Jason C. Novakbridge (Acumen Nation/Pigface).

Their first release, the 4 track EP 'Klusterfuck Kulture' came out in January 2014 on Cracknation Records and in June their second single, “TKO Mindfuck,” will be out!

This 12" single is already legendary because it will not only be the first new record release of the resurrected and legendary WAX TRAX! records, but it will also feature a guest appearance by another past Wax Trax! star: Richard 23 of pioneering industrial act Front 242.

This is what the official Cocksure website has to say:

"With Cocksure Christopher J. Connelly and Jason C. Novakbridge bridge the gap between Wax Trax! era industrial and the future sounds of mass corruption."

THE WORDS: Shockingly infantile, irreverent & irrelevant, riot inciting, anger inducing, anti-social, unashamedly un-p.c. , paranoid, narcissistic bullshit, barked and howled by someone who you think would have learned his fucking lesson by now.

THE PERPS: COCKSURE-the bastard that once was “REVCO” deformed and dug up, re-animated and re-branded by CHRIS CONNELLY and JASON NOVAK .”Unfinished bizness” mutters Chris under his breath with a chuckle, then politely folding his arms and crossing his legs he whispers softly: “We’ll show these pussy-ass motherfuckers how it’s really done” adding with a serene smile “we’ll tell these ageing dinosaur fuckwads where to stick their dicks

THE CHARGES: car jacking, drug dealing, pyromania (adoration of), credit card fraud, brawling, shoplifting & petty theft, chronic serial infidelity, slutism, weapon smuggling, online porn addiction, drinking binges, coke binges, speed binges, binge binges, auto theft, porn skyping, messianic behavior, trans gender hookers (pathetic attempts to “engage” with) hookers (pathetic attempts to “engage” with), solvent abuse, and botched plastic surgery (laughing at the expense of).

THE OUTCRY: “these people are despicable, truly society’s day-old used q-tips, we thought we were DONE with this childish self obsessed crap and we were safely tucked away in middle age doing respectable soundtracks or appearing in the reality shows of the poorly-tatooed: but NO! these HALFWITS are here to PICK us up by the scruffs of our necks and drop us like used condoms on the dancefloor .SHUT DOWN THE CLUBS!! RUN THAT D.J. OUT OF TOWN & HURRY BACK TO YOUR SAFE POP/PUNK PANIC ROOM.

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