DER KLINKE Formed in 2009 in Ostend, Belgium. Inspîred by Cold Wave & Electronics, the debut album “Square Moon” was released in 2011.
“The Second Sun” released in 2012 made it an even harder task to describe their unique but already established sound. In 2013 the single "The Doll" was released and it became an instant club hit. Today it's 2014 and the band is working on their 3rd full album "The Gathering of Hopes" .....

"Any panel of greyest or smoke-blackened new wave's followers will easily acknowledge the intrinsic value, the exact arrangement as well as the talent of this Belgian formation as Der Klinke shows fusionist skills off through a modern sonorous renovation of some almost godforsaken musical buildings, erected by many legendary Belgian predecessors, such as Front 242, The Neon Judgement or Poesie Noire" (Chain DLK – Italy)