Gaytron is the side project of Plastic Noise Experience head and voice of Claus Kruse. With Gaytron Claus openly gave (Electronic) Body (Music) to his homosexuality. The project gave birth to several releases on GA-Records: “Man to Man” MCD (1992), “Toy” MCD (1994) and “Phase 1” CD (1995). In 1992 also a limited 2CD box was released holding two singles, the PNE single “Smalltown Boy” and a self-titled Gaytron single holding the tracks “This is Gay Tekkno”, “Outing Control” and “Man to Man”.
Gaytron live show are rare and the last Gaytron concert on Belgian soil was already in 1998! So don't miss out!


An interview with Claus Kruse (Gaytron/Plastic Noise Experience) on Peek-a-Boo Magazine