SERPENTS SERPENTS were founded in March 1988 by Kâzim, Stefan, Frank, Nicole and released their first "The Clock Strikes The Midnight" demo in the same year. One year later, when they released their second demo tape "Until Eternity", the line-up was downsized to Kâzim and Stefan and the band started to play regularly in and around Germany.

Finally, in 1993 they managed to get their debut CD "Terminal Breath" released on G.A.Records and in 1999, Out Of Line releases their second full album "What Is Fear?". Meanwhile the line-up changed again to Kâzim, Claus, Antje, Das Tier(n.h.), Der Arbeiter(n.h.).

In 2000 the band supported Plastic Noise Experience on tour and it wasn't until 10 years later that they released their next album "Immer Voran!", followed by the re-release of their debut "Terminal Breath" which was remastered and enriched with extra tracks.

Today Serpents are working on a new album that will hopefully released later this year!

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