THE FORCE DIMENSION The Force Dimension is a Dutch band in the E.B.M. (Electronic Body Music) genre.

Founded in 1987 by Tycho de Groot (vocals), Rene van Dijck (keyboards) and Armin Elmensdorp (experimental sounds).

In the very beginning the band composed experimental, industrial music and in 1988, an arty designed 7″ single was published in co-operation with Industrial project De Fabriek (dutch for: The Factory).

After a change in direction towards Electronic Body Music Armin Elmensdorp left the band and they signed to the Belgian KK Records. They recorded and published several CD’s and singles from 1989 up to 1996.

It was during this era that they produced several cult releases like 'Dust' (12"/CDM), 'Tension' (12"/CDM) and their self-titled album The Force Dimension (LP/CD). The latter was released in two versions, the "blue" version produced Luc Van Acker and Jean-Pierre Everaerts and the "red" version which was produced by The Force Dimension and Dirk Ivens.

In 1996 The Force Dimension, again with old-member Elmensdorp, recorded a cd Kitty Hawk, which contained remixes of old tracks as well as totally new tracks.

After their 10-years- jubilee the band broke up … until 2014 …

This year The Force Dimension is rebooting and planning a new single called “Crushed by the chips”.

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