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Interview with BIMFEST headliner DIE FORM on Peek-a-Boo Magazine!

Interview with BIMFEST headliner DIE FORM on Peek-a-Boo Magazine!

Our media partners from Peek-a-Boo Magazine published an interview with one of our BIMFEST headliners, DIE FORM. Click the link to read the complete interview with Philippe Fichot, head en mastermind of DIE FORM. 

Cocksure debut album TVMALSV released on Metropolis (12.08.2014)

Cocksure debut album TVMALSV released on Metropolis (12.08.2014)

After releasing two EP's earlier this year Christopher J. Connelly and Jason C. Novak seem to be ready to continue and bridge the gap between Waxtrax! era industrial and the future sounds of mass corruption even further and further ...

Cocksure's debut album TVMALSV will be released on one of the biggest US alternative music labels Metropolis. The album will be released as CD, Vinyl and digital download on August 12th.

This is how Cocksure describe their music themselves... 

THE SOUND: huge air-craft hangar size mechanized rhythms and bone-crushing, limb-severing noises that stretch from 2014 all the way back to 1985, long, endurance testing, panic-attack hit songs that you can drive around at night to, sweating dry-ice and smoking your chemical-weapon blunts.

THE WORDS: shockingly infantile, irreverent & irrelevant, riot inciting, anger inducing, anti-social, unashamedly un-p.c. , paranoid, narcissistic bullshit, barked and howled by someone who you think would have learned his fucking lesson by now. 

THE PERPS: COCKSURE-the bastard that once was “REVCO” deformed and dug up, re-animated and re-branded by CHRIS CONNELLY and JASON NOVAK .”Unfinished bizness” mutters Chris under his breath with a chuckle, then politely folding his arms and crossing his legs he whispers softly: “We’ll show these pussy-ass motherfuckers how it’s really done” adding with a serene smile “we’ll tell these ageing dinosaur fuckwads where to stick their dicks” 

THE CHARGES: car jacking, drug dealing, pyromania (adoration of), credit card fraud, brawling, shoplifting & petty theft, chronic serial infidelity, slutism, weapon smuggling, online porn addiction, drinking binges, coke binges, speed binges, binge binges, auto theft, porn skyping, messianic behavior, trans gender hookers (pathetic attempts to “engage” with) hookers (pathetic attempts to “engage” with), solvent abuse, and botched plastic surgery (laughing at the expense of). 

THE OUTCRY: “these people are despicable, truly society’s day-old used q-tips, we thought we were DONE with this childish self obsessed crap and we were safely tucked away in middle age doing respectable soundtracks or appearing in the reality shows of the poorly-tatooed: but NO! these HALFWITS are here to PICK us up by the scruffs of our necks and drop us like used condoms on the dancefloor. SHUT DOWN THE CLUBS!! RUN THAT D.J. OUT OF TOWN & HURRY BACK TO YOUR SAFE POP/PUNK PANIC ROOM!


01. Skeemy Gates
02. Alpha Male Bling (shower me!)
03. Guilt Speed & Carbon
04. Ah Don' Eat Meat Bitch!
05. Cock Ripped to the Giddy Tits
06. Silikon Suckaz
07. Drug-a-bug*
08. TKO Mindfuck (featuring Richard 23)
09. Cocaine in my Brain

Cocksure will perform on Saturday December 20th, BIMFEST Day 2.

Interview with AGENT SIDE GRINDER on Peek-a-Boo Magazine!

Interview with AGENT SIDE GRINDER on Peek-a-Boo Magazine!

An interview with the Swedish Synth/Wave band AGENT SIDE GRINDER by our media partners from Peek-a-Boo Magazine.

AGENT SIDE GRINDER will play BIMFEST - Day 1 - Friday December 19th.

Click the link to read the interview!

Interview with SERPENTS in Peek-a-Boo Magazine!

Interview with SERPENTS in Peek-a-Boo Magazine!

Our media partners from Peek-a-Boo magazine did an interview with Kazim Sarikaya, mastermind behind SERPENTS.

SERPENTS will perform on BIMFEST -DAY 2 - Saturday 20th of December.

Click the link to read the complete interview!

BIMFEST headliner Die Form releases brand new album 'Rayon X' on Out Of Line Records.

BIMFEST headliner Die Form releases brand new album 'Rayon X' on Out Of Line Records.

On their new long player, Die Form return to the minimal club-compatible sounds of their biggest classics. Bare bones grooves, cool erotica and harsh, manipulated male voices meet angelic female singing on an album that sums up the fascination of this band in a nutshell.

Rayon X“, the title of the new album from cult French multimedia-fetish-art-project Die Form is interpretable in manifold ways, as, on the one hand, it is the French term for x-rays which are used to look underneath the surface of what is visible to the bare eye. On a more symbolic level, it can also stand for the section in the dark back end of a library, which holds all the forbidden titles or as an analogy for the photochemical process that makes photos visible. It is, thus, a perfect symbol for the central themes of the band helmed by sound-wizard and photo-artist Philippe Fichot, namely the glimpse behind the human facade and the exploration of “forbidden” themes and obsessions in a multi-medial combination of music and photography … and it also fits the new album hand in glove. On “Rayon X”, Die Form have distilled the essence of their work and created one of their most fascinating works to date. The cold, minimalist electronics, combined with machine-like rhythms and Philippe Fichot's severely manipulated vocals create the same mesmerizing fusion of surreal atmosphere and harsh club-sounds that have made the group's biggest hits like “Bite Of God” into all-time classics. The angelic, emotional female voice of Éliane P. serves as the perfect counterpoint that contrasts the chilling atmosphere with an almost otherworldly beauty. “Rayon X” is the most club-compatible and accessible work the group has created in a long time and manages to create an irresistible pull, especially in combination with the photo art accompanying the album design that is, as always, an inseparable part of the experience. In order to present the visual part of the new release in the best possible way, “Rayon X” will also be released as a lavish 2-CD-deluxe-version in an XL-packaging with high quality artwork print and exclusive bonus disc. For diehard fans, there will also be wooden box set, strictly limited to 150 copies, world-wide, which will contain the deluxe double CD, plus an exclusive “Rayon X”-T-shirt and a signed and numbered DIN-A5 fine-art print on archival paper. The new masterpiece from Die Form will also be released as a deluxe vinyl version. “Rayon X” presents Die Form with a perfect fusion of club sounds and art that has all the right ingredients to become an all-time classic! 

CD 1:
04. LA 7ème FACE DU DÉ / 5:08
05. MECANOMANIA(C) / 3:53
06. POLITIK / 4:05
07. IN THE VOID OF HELL / 4:33
08. NEO FICTION / 4:13
09. BIPOLARITY / 3:34
10. PERPETUAL MOTION (Perpetuum Mobile) / 4:31
11. AMNESIA (Amnesium) / 4:22
12. IRON CROSS / 3:49
13. MON AMOUR 2 ?? / 4:08
14. ZOANTHROPIA / 3:56

Buy it here!


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